WHERE you write can profoundly affect how you write yet its influence is often overlooked. Have you ever evaluated your writing environment? Do you know if you write more when there’s silence or background noise? Are you more likely to stay focused at home alone or sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by strangers? Does your office area make you feel like writing?

Through a special written assessment, we’ll explore your writing and environmental preferences and determine if your environment is enhancing or inhibiting your style. Then, we’ll show you how to incorporate your unique preferences into your creative space. If you don’t feel effective in your writing space – or don’t have one! – then this class is for you.  Or, if you need/want to produce more when you sit down to write, then we can help!

A slide show will illustrate a variety of working writer’s creative spaces as we discuss the importance of elements such as light and temperature as well as the impact of your style, including concepts such as organization and ambience. See examples from beginning writers to bestselling authors and hear how they have met the challenge of creating a place to nurture their muse.

Discover what you need to do your best work. Take away tips, tricks and techniques for surrounding yourself with the things that enhance your creativity, increase your productivity and help you to enjoy your writing more.

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