Romantic Suspense

Jump into stories awash in intrigue and danger where nothing is as it seems. Follow strong, smart heroines and heroes with conviction and integrity as they solve crimes and escape from those who would do them harm. From a wild chase to save a woman from her desperate ex-husband, to a man escaping his past, to a woman who knows too much, these suspense novels will take you on the ride of a lifetime.

“Action packed adventure!” – Cosmopolitan Magazine
“Best Suspense of the Year!” – Romantic Times Magazine

Science Fiction

Go out into the boundless depths of space to Outcast Station, one of the stations at the edge of the galaxy!  There’s no telling what, or who, will turn up in the forgotten reaches of allied space.  Explore new worlds and old, as well as forgotten planets with many a dangerous and deadly secret. Discover threats and disasters never found on Earth.

Coming in 2017!


The witches are walking!  Come to Haven Harbor, Massachusetts to discover a world of magic and ancient lore.  Haven Harbor is steeped in four hundred years of magic tradition and there’s a witch on every corner.  That doesn’t stop a desperate, ageless evil from seeking to destroy the witches and town in which they live.  Adventure, laughter and super-spooky suspense will grab you at the turn of every page.

“…fascinating characters and a story that grabs the imagination…” – Amazon 5-star Review
“Fast paced and exciting, the story kept me guessing to the end.” – Ellen Dugan, The Garden Witch


Strange new worlds and races and incredible alien vistas await.  Magic and danger, plots and mysteries abound as a whole planet fights a new, vibrant threat to freedom and sanity. On Earth, Slip Travelers protect the populace from alien incursion and fight to hide the fact that magic is real. There’s nothing like the threat of exposure to keep you on your toes!

“An action packed and flawless story with a mission that makes sense…” – BooksILoveALatte
“A delightful escape into fantasy with many laugh-out-loud moments.” – Amazon 5-Star Review

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