A Yule to Remember cover

Happy Yule from Haven Harbor!

Welcome to the witchiest town in the world––Haven Harbor, Massachusetts! It’s the merriest of holidays! In Haven Harbor, Yule and Christmas celebrations bring out the mischief and mistletoe fun in everyone. Caught under the kissing bough for the big holiday event, Annie Boylston and Reyn Shapleigh are elected the King and Queen of the Yule Ball. That means they have to spend the week in revelry and celebration––and join together to protect the town from harm.

Unfortunately, someone isn’t in the holidays spirit. An arsonist is trying to disrupt the joyful season, bringing fire and destruction to Haven Harbor. As the fire chief, Reyn is on the front line, using every bit of his training and magick to find the firebug. Annie’s cooking store is one of the arsonist’s targets, as are other thriving businesses in town. As the fire of attraction grows between Reyn and Annie, the arsonist gets bolder.

In a race to stop the fires, Reyn and Annie find one another in this hot mistletoe tale!

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