A woman who’s lost everything. 
Her worst enemy. 
Someone wants them both dead. 


Victoria Hagan’s cursed. Bad things happen to every man she dates. Now, one of them has paid the ultimate price. Her ex-fiancé, Todd, is found murdered in the very church where he jilted her at the altar and Torie is the prime suspect! Her only hope is man who avoids her at all costs. 

Paul Jameson still cringes over telling his friend not to marry Torie Hagan…and having the bride-to-be walk in on the conversation. Since that horrible day, Paul has stayed far away from his best friend’s sexy ex. Thrown together again over murder, Paul finds it hard to resist their dangerously hot mutual attraction. Worse yet, Paul promised Todd he’d take care of Torie, no matter what. 

Accused of murder, she needs him…as much as he wants her. 

And that’s exactly what a killer is counting on.

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