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You’ve axed, shot or otherwise knocked off a key character in your latest book, now what? You have to do SOMETHING with the body! Even if the forensics, murder, or death aren’t central to the story, there is that annoying dead guy to dispose of.

So, decisions, decisions. Is an autopsy necessary? A funeral and burial? Lots of plot possibilities, but the details! Can you bury a body in Maine in February? Most states require “two containers” for burial, do you know what they are? And what about timing? If a body’s found on Friday, can you bury them on Sunday? Do you know the difference between a coffin and a casket? And then there’s cremation…

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the pernicious particulars of body disposal and how to use minutiae of death to throw your characters together or drive them apart. Learn about embalming, vaults, cremation, reconstructive cosmetics, coroner’s reports, death certificates and more at this get-the-basics research track seminar.red-ink

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