The Halloween Promise cover

Welcome to Haven Harbor, Massachusetts!

In 1691, a group of renegade witches fled Salem in the dark of night, escaping the desperate evil that spawned the Witch Trials. They struck out to form their own town, with their own rules. Three hundred years later, their descendants celebrate Halloween more than most towns…

A valuable guard dog dumped on the darkest of nights. Veterinarian Dr. Adele Picard is no stranger to treating stray dogs. Finding a valuable German Shepherd in the road in the middle of the night is a new experience, however, as is having sexy town librarian, Dan Nutter show up on the same dark road just in time to help her. When tracing the dog’s owner brings the FBI to her door, Adele’s sure there’s more going on than a simple missing pooch. The ghosts have the clues. The dog, the FBI and the librarian are a whole bundle of trouble and Adele isn’t sure which is the biggest problem. Adele and Dan have flirted for months, and that connection flares into passion as they bond over the case of a missing little girl and her injured German Shepherd. Able to converse with ghosts, but only of his own blood ancestors, Dan knew to meet Adele on the road.

Will she trust his sources––the ghosts––and let him help her find the missing girl, before it’s too late? Ghosts, magick and a Halloween Promise make Haven Harbor the place to be in October!

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